3 Times Blessed


The second book in Lori Copeland’s Belles of Timber Creek series, Audrey Pride arrives in Thunder Ridge under the most unusual circumstances… a rain storm. The typically dry as a bone small town is deluged with rain for weeks, ultimately preventing travel in and out of town. Audrey and her comrade Copper find themselves trapped staying with friend Willow Madison and her invalid uncle. But there’s definitely not a shortage of work to be done, as a wagon train gets trapped in town and spreads a violent illness. There are sick people to care for and Audrey even finds herself working as an undertaker’s assistant, something she never thought she’d do.

Meanwhile, her attraction to widower Eli Gray has grown stronger than ever, especially as she’s started to care for his son while Eli’s working. But Eli has a wall up around his heart. After losing his wife in childbirth while he was away at war, he’s never forgiven himself and does not seem interested in opening his life up to anyone new.

But as the town sags under the weight of water and illness, they must come to depend on each other in ways they never thought possible. As tragedy threatens to strike, will Audrey be able to convince Eli that he deserves more than a solitary existence?

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SKU (ISBN): 9780061364938
Lori Copeland
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2009
Belles Of Timber Creek # 2
Publisher: Avon Inspire


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