Christian History Time Line Wall Chart Laminated


2,000 Years of Christian History At A Glance!
Christian History Time Line shows 2,000 years of church history at a glance. Includes brief explanations of more than 200 key people and events that all Christians should know. Special emphasis on world missions, the expansion of Christianity, and Bible translation into other languages.
Contains fascinating facts:
* From the life of Jesus to modern day
* From Augustine to Billy Graham
* From the spread of Christianity to the spread of Islam
* From the King James Version Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls
Available as a wall chart or a pamphlet. Chart also available laminated.
Contributors: Bruce Shelley, Ph.D., Senior Professor at Denver Seminary, author of Church History in Plain Language; Mark Galli, M.A., editor of Christian History magazine; Gary Burge, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College; Timothy Paul Jones, M.Div., author of Christian History Made Easy; Fritz Runge, Church History Instructor, the Jesus Film Project and Whcliffe Bible Translators.
Topics include: 39 Articles, 95 theses, Adventist church, archbishop of Canterbury, Arminianism, Assemblies of God,Azusa Street, Billy Graham, Billy Sunday, C. S. Lewis, Calvinism, catholicism, colonial America, Columbus, council of Nicaea, Crusades, dispensationalism, early Christians, early church leaders, evangelism, Finney, first English Bible, first missionary journey, first missionary society, Francis Asbury, Francis of Assisi, Galileo, gnosticism, Gutenberg Bible, heresy, Industrial Revolution, inerrancy of Scripture, Jesuits, King James Bible, Luther, missionaries, Papal Inquisition, Polycarp, Puritans, Reformation, Scofield Bible, teaching of evolution, translation of Scriptures, Vatican, World War II

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