Courageous Girls Bible Words Flash Cards


Courageous Girls know what the Bible says!

This beautifully illustrated flash card deck will introduce your beginning reader to 48 important Bible words-key terms found in the bestselling Courageous Girls books. It’s never too soon to expand a child’s vocabulary, or to reinforce the biblical teaching and moral character you’re instilling into their lives.

Featuring words like;

the Courageous Girls Bible Words Flash Cards provide a short, age-appropriate definition, use each term in a simple sentence, and offer a related Bible reference. And the accompanying full-color portraits of courageous Bible women add an unforgettable flair to the learning.

Perfect for beginning readers, ages four and up, the Courageous Girls Bible Words Flash Cards will educate and inspire.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781643527987
Compiled by: Barbour Staff
Binding: Other
Published: 2021
Courageous Girls #
Publisher: Barbour Publishing Inc.


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