Disciplines Of A Beautiful Woman


1. Your First Decision, And What Follows
2. Reshaping Your Life To Three Priorities
3. Your Attitude Towards Work
4. Your Looks
5. Your Goals
6. Your Daily Scheduling
7. Your Growing Life
8. Your Life Behind The Scenes
9. Your Closest Relationships
10. Your Public Life
11. Your Desk
12. Your Notebook
13. Your Reaction To What You’ve Read
14. What Is A Beautiful Woman?
133 Pages

Additional Info
For every woman who wants to be truly beautiful … from the inside out, Anne Ortlund gives practical, specific suggestions-hints for managing a schedule, maintaining a wardrobe, organizing a personal notebook. Sections on prayer, meditation, and discipling combine practical “hows” with thoughtful and considered “whys.” Anne Ortlund is concerned with the beauty of the whole woman. Young and old, homemakers and career women can all profit from this sound advice on how to live beautifully.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780849929830
Anne Ortlund
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 1984
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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