River Of God


1. River Of God : An Introduction
2. From The Gods To The One God
3. From The One God To The Trinity
4. The Devil, The Demon, And The End Of The World
5. Keeping Body And Soul Apart: Treasure In Clay Pots
6. Saviors And The Savior Of The World
7. Overturning The World: The River Of God In The Twenty-First Century
237 Pages

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Where did Christianity come from? Acclaimed author Gregory Riley embarks on a remarkable journey in this readable and persuasive account of the origins of Christianity. Riley demonstrates that early Christians held widely differing beliefs about God, Jesus, the Devil, and the human soul, and follows these beliefs back to their sources in Greek science and philosophy and the religions of the ancient Middle East. An expert on the context in which Christianity arose, Riley maps out a new understanding of the forging of Christianity, and conveys a vital message for today about the true nature of Christian faith as inherently diverse.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780060669805
Gregory Riley
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2003
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

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