Saint Mary Magdalene (Doll)


Meet St. Mary Magdalene

St. Mary Magdalene (July 22)

Patron of: hairdressers, perfumeries, pharmacists, women

St. Mary Magdalene was one of the first followers of Jesus, and the first person to meet Him after his resurrection on Easter morning. She was a loyal follower and provided for the disciples ministry from her personal wealth. Mary Magdalene is depicted holding a red egg, a symbol of the resurrection.

Teach your children about discipleship and evangelization! Introduce the story of St. Mary Magdalene using the educational insert in the box. Encourage children to think about the disciples of Jesus. Jesus called people from all different walks of life to follow him, and they all had different jobs! Mary Magdalene played an important role in supporting Jesus’ ministry. How does God call us to support other Christians? St. Mary Magdalene is also a great Saint to think about the miracle of the resurrection, and encountering the Risen Lord.

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