Survivor : For Matties Surviving Was Just The Beginning


Mattie Troyer has faced more in her twenty-three years than she ever imagined. After finally successfully battling cancer, she’s ready to re-enter the world with hopes for her future. But while she was in and out of hospitals, facing a devastating surgery, and debilitating chemotherapy, other girls her age were courting and finding the men they would marry. Mattie can’t believe she’s made it this far. But the only man whose ever made her heart beat fast is her best friend, Graham Weaver. He’s been there for her and comforts her like no one else, but they’ve always kept things platonic. Could it be the time to finally see whether they could ever be anything more?

But when gossip starts to spread that says Graham’s the father of the baby Jenna Yoder’s carrying, all their hopes for happily ever after may be destroyed.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780062020635
Shelley Gray
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2011
Families Of Honor # 3
Publisher: Avon Inspire


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