Toddler Action Songs (DVD)


Live-Action Sing-a-long!
24 Back-to-back music videos for kids!

Main Program – 39 Minutes
* English Version
* Spanish Version
* English Split-track
* Spanish Split-track
* Lyrics onscreen as English and Spanish subtitles

Bonus Features
* Preview Collection – 10 songs from Cedarmont’s Video series. 23 minutes
* Production Notes – Learn about the cast and production. 30 minutes

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SKU (UPC): 084418013791
Artist: Cedarmont Kids
Media: Video DVD
Released: October 2002
Provident Distribution

1. Baby Bumblebee
2. When The Saints Go Marching In
3. Bill Grogans Goat
4. What A Mighty God We Serve
5. Ive Been Working On The Railroad
6. Clap Your Hands
7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
8. Exercise Hymn
9. I Love The Mountains
10. Im Gonna Sing
11. Boom Boom Aint It Great To Be Crazy
12. Over In The Meadow
13. Ants Go Marching
14. God Said It
15. Little Wheel A Turning In My Heart
16. Im Gonna Work
17. Mules
18. Hinges
19. Little Cabin In The Wood
20. Hush
21. Somebodys Knockin At Your Door
22. 2 Little Blackbirds
23. John Browns Baby
24. Wide Wide As The Ocean


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