Tragically Taken : Explosing Injustice In The Foster Care System


The American public is duped into believing that our nation’s foster care system is adequately taking care of abused children who are removed from their birth parents. News reports around the country reveal that hundreds of children are missing and dying in the hands of the state. Well-meaning efforts to help abused children have gone terribly wrong, and the child-protection system is harming the children they are entrusted to help. It is time to reform the system and provide real help and real hope to abused and neglected children. A Voice for My Silent Lambs illustrates how one family’s desire to adopt foster children brought devastation into their lives but hope into the lives of innocent children caught in this destructive web of deceit. It is a story of a couple with two children answering God’s call to adopt two more children. They soon discover the lack of rights held by pre-adoptive parents, and the amazing resistance and power centered in one social worker and one institution as they seek to help these children. It is also the story of the awesome power of Almighty God who equips this homemaker to enter a struggle against principalities and powers of the state and beyond to become the voice for children who cannot speak for themselves.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781591603412
Chandra Moyer
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2003
Publisher: Xulon Press

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