Turning Points : 5 Short Powerful Gospel Films (DVD)


Short Films:

* One Day To Spare (Approx. 7 min 19 sec)
* Kenny And Benny (Approx. 5 min 30 sec)
* Becky’s Christmas (Approx. 3 min 47 sec)
* He Never Had Time (Approx. 2 min 34 sec)
* A Life Laid Down (Approx. 8 min 16 sec)

Additional Info
With stunning digital art, powerful soundtracks and clear hard hitting gospel messages, these short films will challenge their audience to be prepared to meet God. These high impact stories are designed to target youth. They will effectively communicate the gospel in a few minutes and highlight the necessity of making a decision for Christ. Great for use at vacation bible schools, kids camps, outreach to tweens and teens and all age services. One DVD featuring five short films.

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SKU (UPC): 5060209840857
Binding: Video DVD
Published: December 2012
Publisher: Eikon Bible Art


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