50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know


50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know is an easy-to-understand, practical quick-reference pamphlet that will immediately refresh your Bible study, covering the basics of common biblical Greek words, definitions, and more! Here’s a sample of this amazing reference pamphlet:

Word: Apokalupsis

*Pronunciation: ah-paw-KAH-loop-sis

*Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13 “Set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.”

*Definition: revelation, disclosure, apocalypse

*Insights: The English word apocalypse is a rendering of apokalupsis, the title of the book of Revelation. Since Jesus’s return is associated with the end of the world, apocalypse evokes thoughts of worldwide disasters. However, the Greek word simply means “a revealing.” Jesus’s return is the time when he will be revealed.

Unpack Rich Biblical Greek Words, Definitions, and Meanings in Seconds

Diving into biblical Greek doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating! In fact, learning basic Greek is both easy and fun with Rose’s 50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know! Being able to understand the multiple meanings of even a single Greek word is worth the richness and depth of meaning you’ll get from God’s Word. In the highly practical, visual, and clear style of Rose Publishing pamphlets, you can now have a crash course on the top 50 Greek words every Christian should know! From “adelphos” to “zoe,” deepen your Bible study with:

*English transliteration and Greek spelling
*Key Scripture
*Pronunciation and definition
*Short explanation
*Relevant Scripture references

Imagine reading a Bible passage and being able to unpack and share the deeper meanings of “charizomai” or “logos” with your Bible study and friends. In just the turn of a page, you can! 50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know is a treasure trove of information that helps readers explore the Greek meaning of important words in the New Testament. Clear and easy to read, this quick-reference pamphlet and Bible study aid will help you (and those you lead) unlock a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

This Pamphlet Covers 50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know

Enjoy having an easy-to-use Bible reference source you can carry with you or hand to a friend. Learn how to pronounce, define, and understand Greek words like:

*Agape (love, affection, warm regard)
*Charis (grace, favor, goodwill)
*Ekklesia (assembly, church, congregation)
*Kairos (appointed time, seaso

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