Alcohol And Drug Abuse


Many people who have an alcohol or drug abuse problem deny it, saying they can stop any time they want. But family and close friends suspect it might be something more. Do you often wonder, “Is it really an addiction?” And if so, do you know how to help your loved one to break free? Can a person be set free permanently from a chemical dependency? The mini-book Alcohol and Drug Abuse gives you the answers you need from a Christian perspective.

The answer is YES-there is hope! Christian recovery and healing can take place, and June Hunt, author of Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Breaking Free & Staying Free offers sound biblical and practical advice for helping your loved one quit the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse for good! The Lord wants to heal those struggling with addictions. It’s never too late to ask God for a renewed soul, free from whatever weighs them down.

In just 96 pages, this mini-book will give you a good overview of the causes and signs of drug and alcohol abuse, and will give you the next steps to take. Getting educated is one of the steps. Learn the helpful definitions that clarify the difference between drug use, substance abuse, and dependency. Knowing these definitions will help you understand what type of addiction your loved one is dealing with. Other definitions include:
*Four major drug classifications
*Three leading indicators of addiction
*Codependency: both a relationship addiction and a substance addiction?
*How a person with an addiction can continue their destructive patterns.

June Hunt gives you practical advice on the symptoms of an alcoholic or drug addiction. Does your loved one have a chemical dependency? Find out in the 19-question checklist on drug or alcohol addiction provided in this book

The section titled “Steps to Solutions” is filled with Christian recovery advice including Scripture and practical steps that point to:
*Deliverance from dependency
*7 don’ts for being freed from an addiction
*10 spiritual tips for recovery
*How to conduct a crisis intervention
*And much more

This mini-book is a quick overview and is easy-to-understand. It focuses on the key issues and is perfect for the busy person who needs instant advice.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781596366596
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June Hunt
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2013
Hope For The Heart
Publisher: Aspire Press – Hendrickson Publishing Group


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