Bible Translations Comparison Pamphlet


Compare 20 Bible Translations
Ever wondered why there are so many different versions of the Bible? How do you know which translation is best for a particular purpose? This handy fold-out pamphlet-

Compares 20 most popular translations:
American Standard Version
Amplified Bible
New American Standard Bible
Revised Standard Version
New Revised Standard Version
English Standard Version
King James Version
New King James Version
New Jerusalem Bible
New American Bible
New International Version
Today’s New International Version
God’s Word
Holman Christian Standard Bible
New Century Version
New Living Translation
New International Readers Version
Good News Translation
Contemporary English Version
The Message

Reading level

Describes the purpose of each translation

Explains texts used for translation

Gives sample verses in each translation
Bible Translations Comparison offers help in understanding translators’ different approaches (word-for-word, thought-for-thought, paraphrase, or some combination of the three). It also gives background on source texts and tells which texts were used for each version.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781596361331
ISBN10: 1596361336
Compiled by: Rose Publishing
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2007
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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