Born Free : A Call To Be Still, Know God And Flourish In A Hectic World


Finding the balance of life

Life has never been busier. We become intensely focused on being productive in a world that judges on performance. When we do that, we forget the things that are important.
In this empowering book, Katharine Hill brings a wealth of experience and practical, wise advice on how to live freely and lightly. She helps us to find that elusive balance of living wisely with God at the center while managing demands of family, work, and relationships.
As we read about her deeply personal struggles and how she combats them, we can learn how to flourish ourselves. We can begin to be thankful for all aspects of our lives and be joyful in all the work God calls us to do.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781914553189
ISBN10: 1914553187
Katharine Hill
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: October 2023
Publisher: Muddy Pearl


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