Dont Ask Google Ask The Bible


Google may be great for searching out the answers to how to fix a broken appliance, or who’s starring in the latest blockbuster movie, but for questions of a more serious, eternal nature, you want to access a book with tried-and-true wisdom that has survived the centuries–the Bible.

We have compiled many of the most often-asked questions about God, Jesus, and eternal, spiritual issues and provided selected answers from the Bible for you. Dive in and learn! And if you’re interested in finding out more, we encourage you to pick up a copy of the whole Bible for a fuller picture of its message. Enjoy!

Questions like:

*What is love?
*What is the Bible?
*What is reality?
*Who am I?
*What is the meaning of life?
*Is there life after death?

And much more.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781619583351
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Joe Kirby
Binding: Mass Market
Published: April 2023
Publisher: CLC Publications


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