Enneagram In Marriage


Most books exploring the Enneagram are focused on understanding oneself. But how does the Enneagram lend insight to our relationships? Specifically, your relationship with your spouse and the unique pairing you share?

In this incredibly practical and easy-to-understand book, counselor and psychologist Christa Hardin combines her expertise in psychological assessment and marriage and family counseling to explore all 45 possible Enneagram pairings in relationships. She calls it the Enneagram Glow–the unique, mutual influence of two types in intimate relationship across the seasons and shifts that every couple experiences. She helps you learn to

* understand your partner’s emotions and reactions
* extend more grace to your partner and yourself
* have productive conversations that foster connection
* build a legacy together with intention

You’ve never read a relationship book or an Enneagram book like this before! Discover how you and your partner can build on your shared gifts, overcome the shadows, and shine a bright and beautiful light on each other and everyone you encounter.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781540903372
ISBN10: 1540903370
Christa Hardin
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: October 2023
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group


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