Finding Your Place In Gods Story


The lineage of Jesus is full of surprising, imperfect people, but perhaps none more than the five women memorialized in Matthew 1. These women are not the expected matriarchs like Eve or Sarah or Rebecca, but the ones with hard, complicated stories. And every one of these women is just like us: resoundingly ordinary, tainted by sin, and yet unexpectedly used to change the world when they found their place in God’s story. In this Get Wisdom Bible study, you are invited into the raw, empowering, astonishing stories of these five women:

*Tamar: A Woman Who Pursues What Is Right
*Rahab: A Woman Who Chooses Growth
*Ruth: A Woman Who Loves Radically
*Bathsheba: A Woman Who Claims Her Voice
*Mary: A Women Who Says Yes

With Teresa Swanstrom Anderson’s trademark warmth and accessibility, this study equips women to study Scripture for themselves and discover how to participate more fully in the story of God.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781641584692
Teresa Anderson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Get Wisdom Bible Studies
Publisher: NavPress


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