Grace Message : Is The Gospel Really This Good


When it comes to our actual experience of God’s grace, it always seems like there’s a catch.

We hear so many buts and so much double-talk, misleading jargon, and pat answers. For many of us, grace just translates to mercy when we fail. So we find ourselves committed to God but spiritually unsatisfied.

What if God’s grace is a lot better than we ever imagined?

This book invites you to discover grace all over again as the refreshing heart of the Gospel. God’s grace is Andrew Farley’s cornerstone message, and here you’ll get the undiluted truth as seen all over the New Testament.

Andrew invites you to experience the outrageous freedom God always intended for you. You’ll learn to live from God and not merely for Him. And you’ll no longer be held captive by the stress of religious obligation.

This book offers more than just something to think about. It offers a dynamic paradigm shift in the way you see your Bible, yourself, and your God.

The Grace Message celebrates the heart of the Gospel, highlighting the incredible communication of God’s love and grace throughout the New Testament. It is this unlimited reconciliation message that we crave more than any other.

After completing The Grace Message, readers will:
*gain a new perspective on the good news of “the gospel of grace”.
*experience a more spiritually satisfying view of God’s Word.
*fall more deeply in love with Jesus.
*feel equipped to share God’s grace with others.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781684511280
ISBN10: 1684511283
Andrew Farley
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2022
Publisher: Salem Books


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