Names Of God Wall Chart Laminated


Names of God
There are many names for God given in the Old Testament and each has a special blessing for us that will enrich your worship and prayer life. This poster shows 21 names of God:
* Adonai
* Jehovah Jireh
* El (the Strong One)
* Jehovah-Mekaddishkem
* El Elohe Yisrael
* Jehovah-Nissi
* El Elyon
* Jehovah-Rapha
* Elohim
* El Olam
* Jehovah- Sabaoth
* El Roi
* Jehovah-Shalom
* El Shaddai
* Jehovah-Shammah
* Immanuel
* Jehovah Tsidkenu
* Jehovah
* Yah or Jah

This beautiful poster gives the definition, a scripture reference, and shows the spiritual meaning for today.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781890947439
Binding: Other
Published: 2003
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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