Oil Of Joy Large Anointing Oil Vial Pack Of 6


These Oil Vials are keychain sized at 2.5″” long with a .75″” diameter, allowing you to fill with an oil of your choice and carry it with you in a clean, simple, and convenient way. Perfect for travel ministry or home ministry where you only need a small amount of anointing oil to keep with you. Each Vial is made of light and sturdy Aluminum with a rubber gasket, and includes a split key ring that makes it easy to attach, and features the Oil Of Joy logo, which is laser engraved.nComes in a pack of 6 in assorted colors with silver accents.nColors: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Black.

Additional Info
Oil of Joy Vials have rubber gaskets and split key rings. Graphicis laser engraved. 2 sizes, assorted colors.

4 in stock (additional units can be purchased)

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SKU (UPC): 788200802050

Color: Full Color
Manufacturer: Swanson Christian Products


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