Sacred Belonging : A 40-Day Devotional On The Liberating Heart Of Scripture


In this forty-day devotional, Cuban American writer Kat Armas shows us that reading the Bible with fresh eyes allows us to experience God in new and liberating ways.

Many Christians today are seeking to disentangle biblical teaching from power structures that marginalize women and people of color. There’s a hunger for a new kind of devotional that offers refreshing and relevant ways to connect with God and the Bible–ways that challenge readers to seek out a more liberated and embodied faith.

Drawing from personal narrative and Scripture, Armas highlights biblical passages that point toward decolonized themes centered on creation, wisdom, spirit, the body, and the feminine. Sacred Belonging helps us see how Scripture directs us to live a liberated faith, where we belong to God, the earth, and one another.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781587435096
ISBN10: 1587435098
Kat Armas
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2023
Publisher: Brazos Press


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