Secret To Complete Contentment

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Discover the secret of how to let go of the restlessness in your heart so you can feel true fulfillment.

If only I didn’t feel so burned out.

If only I wasn’t so lonely.

If only I wasn’t so concerned about impressing others.

If only I had that job.

If only this relationship was different.

We all dream about how if one thing was different in our lives it would finally make us content. But once we get the very thing we wished for, we are still left wanting more. Is it even possible to feel peaceful and satisfied in life?

Wishing for “more” in life usually leaves you feeling unfulfilled and anxious–especially when we realize that more will never be enough. In The Secret to Complete Contentment beloved Bible teacher and bestselling author Jack Countryman offers Bible verses and 60 thoughtful reflections to reveal why living in the love of Jesus is the only way to know true, lasting contentment. In these pages you’ll discover:

*The freedom that comes from finding contentment apart from circumstances
*Why you can rest–physically, spiritually, and emotionally–in God’s abundant love
*How to strengthen your trust in who God is and how He provides for you

The Secret to Complete Contentment is an ideal gift for:

*Anyone struggling to overcome anxiety, envy, or discouragement

*New Christians and faith seekers

*Those transitioning into a new phase of life: a new school, an empty nest, or even retirement

*Friends or family looking for a simple yet powerful daily devotional to help them find happiness

As you journey through this beautiful devotional, you will learn to let go of the restlessness that comes from trying to find contentment outside God’s love and instead find true peace as you live at the center of His will. Although the world may promise that you can have everything you want, only God can give everything you need. The Secret to Complete Contentment reminds you that God so deeply longs for a relationship with you that He created you to be satisfied with nothing less than life with Him.

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Jack Countryman
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: July 2024
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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