Skinny On Parents


Parents are the biggest influence on the lives of teenagers-a fact that research has proved again and again. Yet interactions with parents can be one of the trickiest areas for a youth worker to navigate well. Great youth ministries are passionate about helping parents-the key influence on teenage faith-succeed in their God-given roles. That’s the foundational message of The Skinny on Parents, which will lead you toward a place where you focus more of your energy on resourcing, equipping, partnering with, and empowering parents. Parents are not the enemy. Ignoring them will diminish the impact of your ministry. Most parents struggle with fears but also want help. And you can come alongside them to partner in helping teenagers fully step into a life of faith. This book is filled with practical ideas that will energize your ministry to parents and families. And if you as a youth worker provide help in a way that allows parents to feel more equipped and confident, then everyone wins: families, teenagers, and your youth ministry!

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SKU (ISBN): 9781470720872
ISBN10: 1470720876
Mark Oestreicher | Kami Gilmour
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2015
Simply Youth Ministry
Publisher: Group Publishing


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