Theology Of Play


God encourages you to experience great joy in following Jesus

God has given humans freedom and permission to play–to fully enjoy life’s moments as he intended, with no ulterior motive. The Christian life without play becomes malformed, and believers can miss aspects of the abundant life Jesus came to give.

In A Theology of Play, Kevin Gushiken builds a case for getting serious about play as a vital element of being a Christian. “Play,” he writes, “is not merely an activity but a way of living.” Gushiken explores play from various biblical and theological lenses:

*How an identity grounded in God’s good creation invites us to play
*The connection between play and the biblical concept of Sabbath
*Why past hurts don’t have to keep us from enjoying the present
*Releasing false guilt and shame to find true freedom to Play
*How to play in the midst of difficulty and pain

Ultimately, knowing and enjoying God brings freedom and pleasure. A Theology of Play helps Christian believers identify barriers to play in their day-to-day lives and offers faithful guidance in recapturing play within the rhythms of life.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780825448652
ISBN10: 0825448654
Kevin Gushiken
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2024
Publisher: Kregel Publications


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