Trust The Whisper


Ever feel like it’s easier to believe we’ll meet God in the afterlife than it is to feel God at work in this life, with its chores and schedules and messes and unrealized dreams? The truth is, God is at work every day of our lives, but because this work is quieter than we expect, we so often dismiss it as coincidence or chance. What if we could clearly understand those divine whispers? What if listening to them is the beginning of living out our truest story and purpose?

In Trust the Whisper, Kathy Izard shares compelling true stories that help you connect the “God Dots” in your life. Sharing her own and others’ experiences of moving from a place of doubt that a higher power even exists to being certain about the divine weave in the world, Kathy offers you the courage to recognize God’s guidance in your own life. She helps you ask the right questions, trust your deepest intuition, be powerfully present, embrace the unexpected, and risk believing in the dreams God is quietly urging you to follow.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781540904140
ISBN10: 1540904148
Kathy Izard
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2024
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group


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