Unscented Pack Of 6


This is our Unscented Anointing Oil. It’s perfect for use around children and those with a sensitive sense of smell. Even Unscented Oil has prophetic meaning, representing the Holy Spirit and Healing, Peace, Strength, Protection, Blessings, Purification, and More.
Anointing Oils are seen all throughout the Bible, and mentioned frequently in the book of Exodus, but some our favorite verses are Exodus 30:22-31, Mark 6:13, Mark 14:3, and James 5:14-15.

Our Oils are made by hand, but while we usually mix the fragrance with unscented olive oil, we don’t add any fragrance here. Instead, we leave it unscented, then we bottle and label the oil and get them ready to ship. Each bottle of oil has a secure screw on lid, so it won’t leak or spill, and the bottles are a thick and sturdy clear plastic that won’t break during shipping.
Make use of these 1/4 oz. bottles of Unscented Oil during Prayer, Church Services, Ceremonies, or in your own Home.

Additional Info
100% pure, unscented olive oil, in a 1/4-ounce glass bottle. Perfect size to carry in pocket or purse.

12 in stock (additional units can be purchased)


SKU (UPC): 788200802203

Manufacturer: Swanson Christian Products


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