You Are A Tree


In a world dominated by technology and efficiency, we speak of ourselves as computers: we process things, we recharge. But theologian and podcaster Joy Marie Clarkson suggests that people are more tree than computer. Pushing back against the impersonal way of viewing ourselves and the world, this book examines how metaphorical descriptions of our life and experiences shape the way we think, pray, and live. Weaving together personal stories, Scripture, poetry, and art, Joy offers a series of meditations on metaphors we use in everyday life to understand things like wisdom, security, love, change, and sadness. These reflections will inspire you to

*live with more joy, gratitude, and God-given purpose
*create healthier expectations of ourselves and others
*embrace the beauty of being a human crafted by God
*infuse the world with new meaning

When we grow more attentive to the words we use, our experiences of the world will become more rich and meaningful. We will see God, ourselves, our relationships, and the world in a new light and with a tapestry of scriptural imagery, full of hope, promise, and beauty.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780764238253
ISBN10: 0764238256
Joy Clarkson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2024
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers


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